Our goal is to provide long lasting high-end houses and renovation services that will meet your satisfactions. We highly value our customers and building excellent long term relationships with you. 

Our priority is to leave you satisfied from the start to the end of a project and ensuring that you love your space, whether that is in one of our fine built homes or renovated spaces.

Even with the best built homes continued maintenance is required. We do our best to support you, listen to your needs and solve issues professionally and accurately in the shortest possible time. We are prepared to provide the best after sale service possible.

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Shahab Malek has an MSc and  B.Eng in Structural civil engineering from the prestigious University of Tehran. His in-depth understanding of design, construction, maintenance and management makes his services, Open Horizon Developments, the trusted choice for your future home.


Construction and development has been a part of Shahab's life from an early age, with the Malek family running and operating Ghadarkar Construction Co. in Iran for more than three decades. By the time he had received his B.Eng, he had familiarized himself with the construction processes & details of the trade, and before his immigration to Canada, he had several high profile work placements under his belt, managing  a group of engineers to run his projects in Tarazboom Co. and Ghadarkar Co..


He has since founded Open Horizon Developments in Canada, with the goal of providing luxury homes with first class construction contracting services. His personal management skills and commitment to quality, craftsmanship and a desire to create long-term value, makes him the trusted choice for running any project smoothly; with great efficiency and at the highest of standards.